Monday, June 10, 2013

Forever 21 Rose Extract Makeup Cleansing Tissues - Review

Forever 21 Rose Extract Makeup Cleansing Tissues, $2.80 for 30 wipes
When it comes to makeup or skincare, one doesn't usually think of a store like Forever 21.  Usually, anything you find in a bin near a store's checkout line is not going to be of the best quality.  Often it is just low dollar filler stuff primed to make you buy just a little bit more before leaving the store with your bank account drained!

However, like the sucker I am, I always have to take a quick look while the shoppers in front of me ring up their purchases.  On a recent shopping trip to Forever 21, I noticed these babies near the till, and since the price was right, I figured at least I wouldn't be out too much if the product sucked.  And in the end, I was pleasantly surprised!

Forever 21 Rose Extract Makeup Cleansing Tissues are heavily scented with rose perfume, so if you are allergic or adverse to strong smells, you definitely want to skip this one.  The tissues themselves might be a bit thin, but they are plushy soft.  I don't think I've ever felt any sort of cleansing towelette that is as soft as these.  That means less irritation for your skin, and a much more soothing experience to add to your routine.

The tissues also feature lemon, ginkgo, ginseng, cornflower and vitamin e which will help tone, refresh, soothe and moisturize the skin after a long day of exposure to makeup and the elements.  Also, I'm usually someone who breaks out very easily, especially after using new skincare products, but I've had no new spots and nothing but beautifully soft skin.  Mega score!

For the price, I absolutely have to recommend picking up a pack.  If you aren't into smelling like a large bouquet of flowers, they also have aloe, green tea, and lavender packs.  I think I'll probably make the switch myself to a different scent next.  And if you are a super makeup diva, they have packages of 60, yes, 60 wipes for an additional dollar!

The absolute best part?  These wipes are cruelty-free!  The fewer products that test on animals, the better.  This deal seriously can not be beaten.  Do not pass Go!  Do not collect $200!  Go straight to your nearest store or computer and buy some!  I mean it!

Have you tried any of the Forever 21 cleansing wipes?  What are your tried and true makeup removal tools?


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